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Sometimes the most important things in an outfit are the little details. You know when you whole look falls apart when you have to take off your shoes? Or when you have the perfect pair of earring to complete your look and you loose one during the evening… Tha horrors! 

On the other hand you also have the details within the outfit, like the way you turk your shirt in or the way ypu wear your jacket. And I know "normal" people often think that there's only one way to wear a jacket… But we know that that's not true!

Wish I was in Paris

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Hang outs at Stylein

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Shop til you drop and wear one of my favorite designers the entire spring! This is just for Stockholm-peeps (SORRY), but if you are a Stockholmare or just happen to be here, get yourself to Stylein at Sturegallerian. 


Images of Stylein are styled by me and shot by Daniel Stigefelt