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Midsummer is like Christmas up here in Sweden, sometimes the temperature is literally the same as in December. Everybody is outside, dressing up in cliché summer dresses, flowers in our hair - basically your Dolce&Gabbana parade but the Swedish way. And we love it.

So happy the longest day of the year!

Dressing like Moss

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On top of my priority list right is to oooz Kate Moss style by fall, at latest. I feel like that is on our lists pretty often and off course who wouldn't want to be as cool-I-don't-care-cool...? Latest print on or list is leopard by the way, I you want to be extra trendy for fall make sure to buy a leo-coat. Latest pattern-print-mix on our lists is leo+tiny polkadots. I am so definitely going for that!

Images from the Kate Moss for Equipment collection. 


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Sometimes the most important things in an outfit are the little details. You know when you whole look falls apart when you have to take off your shoes? Or when you have the perfect pair of earring to complete your look and you loose one during the evening… Tha horrors! 

On the other hand you also have the details within the outfit, like the way you turk your shirt in or the way ypu wear your jacket. And I know "normal" people often think that there's only one way to wear a jacket… But we know that that's not true!

Wish I was in Paris

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